Purpose of this Privacy Policy

This document lets you know about the information we ask for about our candidates, why we need it and what you can do under your rights granted by GDPR.

Your data is held by:

Pearl Site Services Ltd

Ancorra House, Hammond Road, Liverpool, Merseyside, L33 7UL


Contact telephone: +44 (0) 151 721 6202

What data we collect

Online Contact form

When requesting information or raising a query with Pearl Site Services, you can put yourself in touch with us with our website contact form.

The form asks for your name (first and last), email address and the subject and message of your query. Please do not submit any sensitive information in the message if you do not wish us to store this information.

We will need to keep this on file in order to contact you back with a relevant answer to your query. We may use your questions to help us improve our service and website user experience.

Once you have received a reply from us, you can request that we remove all correspondence with you as per your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation. Please see the section entitled “Rights to your data”.


Candidates working with us are entering into a contract with us to work for our partners. Therefore, it is necessary for us to keep certain personal details about you including contact information such as name, telephone number, emergency contact and telephone number, email address and National Insurance number.

Before we agree to accept you for any employment, we need to see information about your work history including information contained in your curriculum vitae, for example educational background, establishments you have attended, qualifications obtained and previous employment.

If you attend a training course through one of our partner training programmes, we will receive information about your attendance and grades.

Payment Information

We store your bank details in our systems in order to process your payment in accordance with HMRC regulations. HMRC requires that we keep details of employees for a minimum of three years from the submission deadline (31st January) of the relevant tax year. For our own taxation purposes, we are obliged to keep financial records for a minimum of five years including payments made to employees.

Limiting Pearl Site Service’s access to your personal information

In order to limit personal information held by Pearl Site Services, you have the option of working with on a self-employed basis, whereby you invoice Pearl Site Services for work carried out.

In this case, you will be responsible for registering with HMRC and organising your own tax and National Insurance payments through HMRC’s self-assessment portal.

However, we will still need access to your contact information, payee details and information on your suitability to carry out work for our partners. This is for your own safety as we cannot put candidates to work onsite without the necessary health and safety and professional qualifications.

Employment and Self-Employment with Pearl Site Services

We will only ask for personal information insofar as it is essential for us to deliver our recruitment service.

If you do not wish to disclose this information, you will not be able to register as a candidate for employment or work contracts with Pearl Site Services Ltd.

Upon Termination of a Contract with Pearl Site Services

Once you cease to be an employee or contractor with Pearl Site Services, all your personal information will be deleted in a safe and secure manner unless we have a legal requirement to keep it. For example, HMRC requires we maintain records of employee payments made for a minimum of three years and tax records for a minimum of five years (after the 31st January submission date for the last tax year during which we paid you).

Third parties

Pearl Site Services Ltd is obliged to share necessary personal details with the third-party company we place you with so they can monitor your suitability to carry out work on their site under our recommendations. The company will need contact information in the case of an emergency on site or in case you do not arrive for your shift at the scheduled time.

Pearl Site Services will not share information with any company without your explicit consent.


Pearl Site Services Ltd uses cookies to track level of interaction on our website and give us valuable information on user experience.

Disabling cookies on your computer is simple and can be changed through your browser settings.

Disabling cookies will not limit your experience on our website.

Data retention

Pearl Site Services Ltd removes candidate and employee data once you cease to work for us apart from payment information relating to tax and accounting purposes, for which we are bound under the legal requirements of HMRC.

Disclosing your data

Pearl Site Services Ltd will never disclose any of your personal information without your explicit consent unless it is compulsory to do so for legal reasons, for example a court order.

Keeping your data safe

Pearl Site Services Ltd stores your information securely, taking all necessary and recommended precautions for preventing a data breach including password protection and encryption. Despite this, however, no-one cannot prevent all instances of a cyberattack.

In the case of a breach, we are obliged to inform the Information Commissioner’s Office without delay. If your data is compromised or we have suspicions that this be the case, we will contact you and inform you of what actions to take for your security.

Notes of caution

External links

Where any links on our site take you to a different website not owned or managed by Pearl Site Services Ltd, we are not responsible for how they keep, process or intend to use any personal data submitted.

Please read their individual privacy policies for this information.

Social media

Pearl Site Services Ltd uses social media to let you know about upcoming work opportunities. We encourage you to follow and interact with our posts.

However, we ask you to refrain from leaving any comment in the public sphere that you deem to be personal or sensitive. Likewise, we ask you to address your concerns to us via secure channels such as email or our website enquiry form as we cannot vouch for the safety and security of social media messenger apps and services.

Please refer to the individual privacy policies set up by social media sites to familiarise yourself with their processing of your personal data.

Rights to your data

Pearl Site Services Ltd complies with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Find out more about your rights under GDPR from the ICO, who are the relevant authority: ICO’s guidance on individual rights. (

Pearl Site Services Ltd asks you to email us with any request concerning your data and we will act in line with your data protection rights:

Changes to how we use your data

If there are any changes to our website forms or requests for your personal data, or if we add any updates to our marketing or advertising onsite, we will notify you by email. All future changes will be reflected in this policy document.

Last updated: 15/08/19